Essential Salmon
Fish Oil Skin & Coat Support+

Does your dog have a dull coat? Flaky dry skin or dandruff? Have you noticed their rough & tired skin? We have the perfect solution for keeping your dog’s skin and coat health in check with MediPaws Essential Salmon Oil Skin and Coat Support+. Fully packed with highly essential nutrients including Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids which boost collagen production, resulting in a shinier dogs coat. Benefits of Salmon Oil further support healthy skin, irritation and itchiness as well as maintaining healthy cartilage for overall joint care. Click below to begin your dog’s venture towards healthy skin, a flawless coat & optimal joint health!

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Essential Hemp Oil Calming Support+

Is your dog or cat showing signs of unease when left at home? Are they chewing carpets or excessively wanting your attention? We have the perfect care for calming your pets with MediPaws Essential  Hemp Oil Calming Support+ Drops for both dogs and cats, fully certified organic third party lab tested with certificate of analysis! An excellent source of essential dietary nutrients, which support the natural systems in which control feelings of nervousness and unease in dogs and cats. Benefits of Hemp also include increased appetite, a balanced diet, improved sleep and a fantastic source of dog vitamins, vital for maintaining healthy joints in active dogs and regulating dog behaviour. Click below to begin your pet’s MediPaws journey to sustaining a calm and confident pooch!

Essential Plaque Remover Teeth Support+

Having trouble shifting that ghastly doggy breath? Can’t see those pearly whites from plaque and tartar build up? Well, we have the perfect solution for keeping your dog’s oral hygiene in check with MediPaws Essential Teeth Support +. The vitamins and minerals present in seaweed is key for good dental care in dog’s by removing any hardened tartar build up on your their teeth without the need for a professional clean, which causes bleeding gums, sensitive teeth & swelling. Making Our Essential Teeth Support+ perfect for keeping your four-legged friend happy, healthy and plaque free!

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