General Questions

All of MediPaws Supplements are made up of natural ingredients only, therefore can be used in conjunction with most prescription medicines. However, you must confirm with your vet, alternatively contact our 24hr live chat with a member of our specialist team or email

We ALWAYS have discounts spread across our product range, whether that be arranged in bundles, whacky sale... We ALWAYS have items on offer for you to enjoy! 

We provide a choice of tracked 48, or tracked 24 Royal Mail when dispatching your order. You can choose your preferred option at the checkout, and receive your tracking details in a further email. We dispatch orders Monday to Friday and do not dispatch on weekends.

Dietary change can sporadically cause mild stomach upset. This isn’t always the case, yet if necessary - we advise you to pause the Supplement in which your dog is taking, let the digestive system settle, reintroduce the Supplement again starting at low increments and gradually build up to the recommended daily amount. This will allow the digestive system to readjust and familiarise with the added pet nutrition.


 When opting to take advantage of our Subscribe and Save Service, you can save up to 30% on a singular product, alternatively if you have multiple subscriptions you can save up to 40%.

Absolutely! You are in control of your own Subscription, you are the boss - we just put this in place for you!

When setting up a subscription, we will ask for your bank details. Then based on the plan you’ve chosen - the amount of days/ months you’ve asked for the product - is when you will be charged.

We send an email reminder three days before payment is due in case for any reason you wish to cancel.

Salmon Oil

Essential Skin & Coat Support+ is a naturally balanced health supplement designed to target the skin and coat. The wild Salmon Oil is fully packed with the correct ratio of essential Omega Fatty Acids that work together to provide a shiny coat, promote collagen production and hydrate skin. 

Great Question! The essential qualities are mainly taken from the heads and the frames left after filleting, along with a small amount of whole fish. As firstly, the Salmon is caught and filleted into 3 sections: Head, Guts and Frame. This is then pushed through a decanter which separates the oil, water and fish solid. The oil is sent through the centrifuge which makes our Pure Wild Scottish Salmon Oil.

The honest answer is yes, this is due to the fact that the majority of pet foods have inadequate, if any, amounts of unprocessed Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and therefore will need to be supplemented to help keep your dog or cat healthy. Even premium dog foods may need to be supplemented as they usually contain very low percentages of Omega 3-6-9. The correct ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids is key to optimum health.

Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil is an all-natural dietary supplement that increases cognitive function, promotes digestive health, and works to keep your dog limber. In addition to being an excellent source of dietary nutrients like Fatty Acids, Hemp oil is also a fantastic source of vitamins. The combined dietary benefits of Hemp oil have been linked to combatting feelings of nervousness, supporting joints due to discomfort, and is even connected to cancer prevention.

As with introducing any new Supplement, there will be an adjustment period for your pet. Results and reactions will vary, and if you notice any adverse allergic reactions or your dog’s behaviour changes, stop dispensing the oil to your dog immediately and seek veterinary help. 

We recommend that you get your dog checked out at your local vet to see if they have any allergies, our Calming Hemp Oil is made up of 100% natural ingredients nothing added, nothing taken away. If you have any further concerns regarding allergies please contact our customer service team via email 

Hemp Oil has a calming effect on the nerves, especially when they are used in combination with other calming ingredients or therapies. At MediPaws, we believe that supporting calmness is key to helping a dog with unease in order for them to live a more happy and peaceful life.

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