Essential Plaque Remover Teeth Support+

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Having trouble shifting that bad/ ghastly doggy breath? Can’t see those pearly whites from plaque and tartar build up? Wanting something natural, quick and easy to boost their oral hygiene? Well, we have the perfect solution for keeping your dog’s oral hygiene in check. Made with 100% Natural Ingredients, seaweed has active components of trace minerals and vitamins which fights bacteria-ladened tartar & plaque buildup, freshens your dogs breath, soften & remove tooth destroying acid, whitens teeth as well as aid gas & digestion. These natural ingredients work together to boost your pet’s oral health, thoroughly clean pet teeth as well as neutralising any bad odours, without the need of a doggie dentist!

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How Can Essential Plaque Remover Help My Dog?

Assists Oral Hygiene

Freshens Breath

Simple & Easy To Use

Results In 60 Days

Overall Wellbeing

Quality Ingredients

AMZ Teeth Text
dosage copy
Vitamins- 1
Rich In Trace Elements
Minerals- 1
Rich In Trace Elements

Essential Plaque Remover Teeth Support+ For Dogs

Simple & Easy To Use - Sprinkle the correct amount of Plaque Remover in your dog's food or as instructed by your vet. See The Difference In As Little As 3 Weeks!

Dog Size
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Starting Amount
0 - 10KG
1 - 2 SCOOPS
10 - 25KG
3 - 5 SCOOPS
25 - 50KG
6 - 8 SCOOPS

Sensitivity Concerns & Side Effects

Pet sensitivity is common amongst all types of animals, and can cause a number of issues both internally and externally in the same way as when a person has an allergy. If you give in high amounts (more than we recommend) you may become aware of your dog showing signs of the symptoms listed below…

Plaque Remover Side Effects Can Include:

Like with anything, kelp is best consumed in moderation. As it is such a potent source of iodine, overeating could overstimulate your dogs thyroid gland. This makes it unsuitable for dogs with hyperthyroidism.

If your dog is experiencing any of these side effects, we advise to stop taking the oil or reduce to the recommended amount for your pet specifically, or seek advice from your medical professional immediately. If you have any further concerns regarding allergies please visit our FAQ page for more detailed information or contact our customer service team via email:

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